Code of conduct

5.1 Rules of Membership

  1. All places in the bands are reviewed annually and places are assigned by the Musical Director on the basis of ability to play at the standard required by the repertoire of each band and the general suitability of the student. The Musical Director’s decision in this matter is final.
  2. Players must commit to the full year programme of rehearsals, concerts, lessons and practice.
  3. Regular attendance at rehearsals is essential. All absences must be notified to Band Officers. A phone call or SMS is sufficient.
  4. (Poor attendance at rehearsals may result in loss of membership.
  5. Players must arrive punctually and will be expected to assist in organising the room before and after rehearsals.
  6. Players are not allowed to leave the premises during rehearsals without prior agreement form the Band Officer and Conductor.
  7. When not engaged in musical activity (e.g. While waiting for lessons or theory) members must remain in their assigned room.
  8. RCBS operates a strict Green Policy. Players are obliged to remove all waste materials such as wrappers, bottles etc. No chewing gum is allowed on the premises. This policy applies to both St Mary’s BNS and any other venue used by the band.
  9. All players perform in public at the Conductors’ discretion. Where players are not up to an acceptable standards through poor attendance or lack of commitment, the conductors’ decision as to whether they perform is final.
  10. Players participate at their own risk.
  11. Players must commit to the study of music theory and practice including grade exams as required by the Musical Director.
  12. Players, their parents and guardians must ensure that all instruments are adequately insured and that all instruments, cases, books and stands etc brought to rehearsals are tagged or marked for easy identification.
  13. Membership, tuition and other fees and charges are usually levied in two or three instalments throughout the academic year and must be paid within the timeframe stated.
  14. The society may use photographs, audio or video recordings of individuals or ensembles for public relations, promotions, exhibitions or record keeping purposes. Photographs may be posted on its website or the website of its affiliates. These will be an appropriate content for the promotion of the band as a safe and caring environment in which the children and young adults play music and socialise together. Parental permission for the above will normally be sought when a member joins the band.
  15. Members will respect the dignity and privacy of teachers, volunteers and other students by not publishing any electronic recordings without the knowledge and informed consent of all those recorded. This applies to all forms of distribution media including email, mobile applications, news feeds, social media and other online storage.


5.2 Misconduct of Students / Members / Players

Should a complaint be lodged with the Executive Committee that the conduct of any member or player is found to be detrimental the interests of the Society, the executive committee shall have the right to summon such member to answer the charge. The committee shall have the right to impose an appropriate penalty for the misconduct.

In the case of players under 18 years of age, their parents or guardians shall be formally notified and requested to attend an interview before any disciplinary action is taken. Subsequent to this meeting or in the event of the parents or guardians not attending this inteview, the committee shall have the right to impose an appropiate penalty.

Penalties may include;

(a) Fine
(b) Suspension
(c) A request for resignation
(d) Expulsion