Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Rathfarnham Concert Band?
Children normally join RCBS after having learned the recorder in our recorder classes. Children begin recorder in 2nd/3rd class and join the band after 3 years.
What instruments are taught in the band?
In the Concert Band, the following instruments are taught: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba and Percussion.
Can children choose their own instruments?
As the overall balance of sound in a concert band depends on there being certain numbers of instruments in the different sections it is not always possible for students to choose their own instruments. However, prospective students are given the chance to list the instruments they would most like to play. The Musical Director and teachers of the various instruments will assess students for their suitability. While the students preference is taken into account, it is not always possible to guarantee that they will receive the instrument of their choice.
When do auditions take place?
Auditions for new members who have not attended our recorder school normally take place in late August/early September. The Musical Director will contact you regarding preparation for the audition.
How much are the fees for Rathfarnham Concert Band?
Fees depend on a number of factors (including whether a child is doing theory, lessons and band). Information on fees is given at the time of audition for the band.
Can my child join the band without doing theory or lessons?
Yes, if they already play an instrument and are doing theory and lessons elsewhere and meet the audition and commitment aspects of entry into the RCBS. On occasions we may start children on percussion who have no previous musical experience, subject to a test in rhythm and pitch organised by the Musical Director. Such occasions are very rare and only happen when there are vacancies. In such a situation the child would start music theory lessons along with their percussion lessons.


Students take Grade exams in both theory and their instruments in Spring each year.

Every student who takes lessons must play in one of the bands.

Do I have to buy an instrument?

In most cases, yes. Advice may be given on where to purchase instruments and in some cases second hand instruments may be available. The band also rents out bigger instruments such as Tubas.

Please note: Being a member of the Rathfarnham Concert Band Society requires commitment. Band members are required to practice regularly between lessons. Band members are required to attend all classes and rehearsals. Parents are asked to provide a supportive practice environment including encouraging regular practice. Parents are also encouraged to get involved in supporting the activities of the society. The Rathfarnham Concert Band Society is run by a committee of volunteer parents and adult band members.